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Stolen Muslim Jokes from Riaad- the SA Muslim comic! February 16, 2007

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Heard of Kwantu Game Reserve in the
Eastern Cape? Its being marketed as the first 100% Muslim Game Reserve. What does that mean?


– The lions are walking around looking for buck.

“Hey,” says Simba to his Mufasa, “theres some lekker buck over there.”

Mufasa: ‘Are those things even Halaal!’

Simba: “Yes Boss, check I got a ICSA certificate!”

Mufasa: ‘Sorry Dude, I only chow Sanha stuff!’


– The German tourists are being taken on a game drive.

“Where iz all zee animals?”

The ranger: ‘Eish, sorreee… De animals is all gone now. You see. Today it is Friday. They will come back later.’


– Apparently the female animals are only allowed to go out with their male siblings. And the orthodox animals don’t allow their females out alone at all!