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::::Comments on Goofy’s blog:::: November 12, 2006

Posted by bilal in community, village.

This weeks blog post on Goofy’s blog. Click here to go back to main post.
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Goofy:::::PPPP You’re so funny:::)))) Love your blog;;;;;))))))

Lol. Wish I could write like you! Your writing really touches me. You must be a professional!

Slmz Bro Goofy. Mashallah at your great blog. Really like your blog. Nice to see that you can make jokes about Muslims- but we must try not to laugh too much at other people. Its important to also look at ourselves coz we also sometimes make mistakes..
But thank you for a lovely blog. If I had more time would say much more coz I know lots of nice quotes and Rumi and other cool flowery stuff. For now here is a very good Islamic saying for you: ‘[Inspirational Islamic saying usually inserted here!]’

Bro Goofy. I don’t usually comment on brothers blogs. But I see you have quite a good female readership, so I guess if I pop an arb comment in here every now and then maybe someone flirty will come flirt with me!

Slmz Bro. I think it is disgraceful how you shamelessly flirt on your blog. I comment on your blog just because I’m anonymous. If anyone knew who I was, I would delete my blog and come on as a different nick. But since nobody has the faintest idea, I will severely reprimand you for such shameless flirting. The fact that you will then come to my blog and apologise for doing such things is not my aim!

I may be the only person to comment that actually reads all your blog posts. I usually agree or disagree with the points you make and actually try to convey my opinions via the comment functionality on this blog thing.

@ Smileyfacelover:
Thanks for being so smiley::))) Its good to have someone so expressive commenting on my blog. To make you happy I will be smiley back;;;;;)))))))))))

@ Flirty:
[blush:)] You must be joking:) I don’t write well:) I just write from my heart:P Glad you enjoy it! I enjoy your writing too:)

@ Islamicflirty:
Wslm Sister. Shukran for your important advices and quotes. Keep on commenting here as you are the only source for all my Islamic knowledge. Inshallah with your help I can know enough quotes to run for MSA elections next semester and become Ameer! Hey, not sure who you are, but if you are on campus you should also run for elections and maybe become Ameera! That will be awesome…

@ Mickey:
Good move dude! I will come make equally arb comments on your blog and maybe that will help improve traffic on mine too…

@ AnonymousMuslimah:
Slmz Sister. I apologise. You are right. I will come to your blog to continue this discussion. Maybe you can give me more advice on how to become a better Muslim.

To be honest, people like you are the reason I started my blog. As long as there are bloggers like you on the blogosphere, I will continue blogging and achieve some good from the blogging exercise.



1. saaleha - November 14, 2006

you are so funny, tee hee:)
wink wink, (insert batty eyelashes here).

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