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Overhead in the library! November 5, 2006

Posted by bilal in campus, community, islam.

A typical conversation between your average guy and girl in the library. Note the smiles and compliments thrown around : 

Aslam: Slmz. What you doing?

Fatima: Wslm. I’m studying! Write economics tomorrow.

Aslam: Ok. I’m also writing. Just can’t learn all this difficult stuff!

Fatima: Don’t worry. It’s not that difficult. And you’re so smart you’ll pass easily [smile]

Aslam: You think so. [smile] I’m so worried. Make a dua for me. [smile]

Fatima: of course. You’re like the smartest guy I know. [smile]

Aslam: [sees a prettier Ayesha walking past] Hey, I’ve got to go. Ayesha has notes for me! Cya. [smile]

Fatima: Ok. [forced smile] But if you want I can let you copy my notes.

Aslam: No its fine [forced polite smile] Ayesha copied it for me already! Slmz

Fatima: Ok. Wslm. Cya later. [forced smile] If you need any help just come ask me ok. [the same guy who is so smart!]

Aslam: Thanks. Will definitely do that! [As soon as Ayesha gets tired of me and chases me away.]


Aslam now meets Ayesha (aka pretty nerd) who is busy studying: 

Aslam: Slmz Ayesha. How’s the studying going?

Ayesha: Not too bad. Yourself?

Aslam: I’ve done enough for today. Let’s take a coffee break? [smile, wink]

Ayesha: That’s a good idea. I’ve been studying the whole day. Lets go! [smile, smile]


A typical conversation between guys in the library. Note how ashamed they are of not studying and how proud they are of not knowing anything! But beware- some guys study on the quite: 

Muhammed: [Been studying in library for 4 hours!]

Aslam: Slmz Mo. How’s the studying going?

Mo: Slmz bro. Not too good. I haven’t done anything yet! [Said with pride!]

Aslam: Serious? Me too. Just can’t study this crap!

Mo: I don’t know nothing! This subject is stupid. Going to drop it next semester and pick up something else.

Aslam: Ya, I’m thinking of doing the same thing. I haven’t been for a single lecture this whole semester! [Beaming with pride!]

Mo: I hate lectures also. Think I only went for two or three! [Hasn’t missed a single lecture for the year!]

Aslam: Cool dude! [High five!] Think we’ll pass this?

Mo: Ya, I’m sure we will. [Year mark of 70%]

Aslam: Cool. Fatima says I know my stuff. Pretty sure I’m also going to pass. Lets take a smoke break! [Year mark of 20%!!]



1. saaleha - November 6, 2006



2. Insipid - November 6, 2006

You really have too much free time on your hands.Good luck with exams.

3. Faaiq - November 6, 2006

this is time on ur hands: æ Ò Æ Ó@ô˜L – these were done by holding ALT button and a combination of 4 numbers on my number pad. i only get to move into my office by friday… sigh

4. Fatima - November 6, 2006

So true…
The scary thing is…my friends and I have the same names.

5. zak P - November 8, 2006

u forgot to mention that during the 4 hours of “studying” there was 3 hrs of MXIT!!!

6. Muhammad Karim - November 13, 2006

OMg, this reminds me so much of campus it’s not funny… one thing missing thoug hwas the conversations around the guys when they were playing thunnee… that reminds me, once 4 of my ‘friends’ missed the maths exam because they studied for weeks before and an hour before the exam they decided to stop and play thunne till the exam began… they played for four hours straight.

Crazy, I know… But campus has some weirder stories I’m sure.


7. Saaleha - November 13, 2006

see, I’ve told you that’s why I enjoy the comments on your other blog even more than your entries. Amazing how people sneak ‘innocent’ flirtation into discussions about donating their organs!

8. [a} - December 12, 2006

that is SO true.

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