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MiRC Conversations.. November 22, 2006

Posted by bilal in community, village.
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An interesting conversation on Mirc. Typical, very typical!

[me is Electric Spaghetti. handSum_dude is some poor horny Muslim youngster]  

handSum_dude: Hi
me: Hi
handSum_dude: how u
me: well and you
handSum_dude: kewl aslr
me: 23 f jhb
handSum_dude: ru hot?
me: Eh?
me: what do you mean?
handSum_dude: R u hot?
me: By whose standards?
handSum_dude: Lyk goodlooking
handSum_dude: By u own standards
me: Well, no one makes the sign of the cross at my approach so I’m fortunate like that I guess.
handSum_dude: By u standards u hot
handSum_dude: Ment ur
me: ur? What is ur? Universal retard?
handSum_dude: Your
me: Oh
handSum_dude: Bye nice chatin
me: Ok
me: Handsum eh?
handSum_dude: Wat
me: Is that like a euphemism for wanker? You’re quite brave to have that as a nick
handSum_dude: Y?
me: Well, you’re being honest, lots of chatters hide behind nicks that declare themselves as gorgeous, attractive human beings, and you’re just telling it like it is. Hello World. This is me.
handSum_dude: Ya.
me: Respect man, respect.